Why design-build?

Although Sanpete Steel works well in any type of project delivery format, we encourage the use of Design-Build because we believe strongly in doing it right and delivering on time. We strive to provide our customers with the whole package. Not only do we offer the finest fabricated steel, but we can also provide our own crew to hang the iron. By combining fabrication with erection, we’re saving our clients time and money.

Likewise, the Design-Build process has many advantages for the overall project. When we all put our heads together right from the beginning, everyone starts, and stays, on the same page. This cooperation delivers:

  • A project which more closely meets the customer’s needs,
  • Shortened project completion time with better cost control,
  • Better communications and cooperation among all disciplines, saving time and money, and
  • Reduced chance of surprises or miscommunication during construction.

In a Design-Build project all the various disciplines work together with the owner and the owner’s architect/engineer in all phases from developing the plans to completing the construction process. Each contributor’s expertise is brought to the table during the project’s design phase rather than the design being done without input from those that will likely do the work.

This results in each discipline giving input upfront to make the work go better, more efficiently and more cost effectively. This interactive process gives everyone a better understanding of the owner’s needs as well as giving them “ownership” in the outcome of the project. In a traditional Design-Bid-Build process, contractors must play everything close to the vest and not share ideas which they think may give them a competitive advantage in the bidding process. And selecting the low bidder is not likely to produce the best-built project.

Certification as a Design-Build specialist requires special training which has been acquired by key members of the Sanpete Steel team. We are a member of the Design-Build Institute of America, and regularly attend training sessions and conferences to keep current in aspects of the Design-Build process.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) supports the Design-Build project delivery method which is also increasingly used by government entities as state legislatures update their procurement statutes. Utah, which is home to Sanpete Steel, uses Design-Build extensively, as do many states and our federal government. Design-Build was used on Utah’s $1.6 billion upgrade of Interstate 15 prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics and in the recently completed $212 million renovation of the Utah State Capitol Building.


From blueprint to final weld, we’re right there with you.

According to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), design-build saves time and money. A recent study showed project cost savings of 6%, a decrease in construction time of 12%, and a shortening of the overall project delivery time by 33%. Learn more at


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